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This is a Hawaiian Interpretation of the Hebrew Year 5777 known as Ayin Zayin, The Year of the Crowned Sword. This time stamp comes from the Hebrew language and culture but it is also the same times and seasons that God gave us to follow as our calendar. In the Dark Ages, humankind switched calendars to the Gregorian designation of months, days and years, but WE switched GOD DIDN’T. He still moves in time using His designated times and seasons. So it would be worth our while to get on God’s Calendar.


In Hebrew, the year 5777 refers to the time in years that lapsed from creation to the present. In Hebrew, numbers are also letters and letters were once pictures, so from 5777 we get this understanding:

5700 = May it be the year of

70 = Ayin or eye which means to see, to look and look again, to see what could not be seen before (ten year cycle)

7 = Zayin or the crowned sword, refers to coronation and to warring


The year 5777 pictures two things: AYIN = eye, to see; ZAYIN = a sword, war, justice, praise. We believe God is saying to His Church: We are in the Year of the Crowned Sword of the Lord to open up Portals of Vision and contend for the Wells of Revival.


We also take the time to hear what Holy Spirit wants to say through our Hawaiian culture. So the Hawaiian Interpretation of the Hebrew Year 5777 takes on the same kind of flow as the Hebrew with a more Pacific Island flavor.


The Year of the Crowned Sword BECOMES The Year of His Crowned Paddle



Crowned Paddle, hoe – the paddle used to move the wa‘a or canoe as the primary means of transport for Hawaiians and Polynesians. It also opened the opportunity for us to gain new territory and to reclaim lost territory, as pictured on either side of the crowned paddle.

STARRY NIGHT – navigation, adventure, new lands to discover

DAYLIGHT – war canoe, battling to reclaim what was lost


MANTLES (Paddlers in capes at the back)

It is a time for us to wear NEW mantles. Mantles refer to a covering and is the picture of authority as well, like wearing a royal cape or using one to protect from the elements. God is going to send down from His holy heaven, new mantles that represent a new authority for the ekklesia, the called out ones. With a new authority comes a new identity. We have to see ourselves not like we’ve been accustomed to from the past. Ask God for new eyes AYIN to see what heaven sees, then wear your new identity bestowed on you from the Lord. Ekklesia it is time to Arise!


CROWN (Replica of Lili‘uokalani’s coronation crown)

This homage to Queen Lili‘uokalani is a reference to Queen Esther. This is an Esther Year. A year when women are called to take their place of prominence in the Kingdom. Your rule is not by Protest before the masses to whip them up to frenzy but through Petition that is brought before the King in His throne room. Esther’s it is time to Arise!


MAILE LEI (The Maile is related to the Olive Tree)

This is a time to ask yourself, “How will your olive tree blossom? The olive tree refers to the generations in your family tree. This is a year to develop your plans to sustain the generations and goes with the saying in Hawaiian that was given by Leina‘ala Fruean:



‘Oni Kalalea ke Kuhanauna Hiku!

Seven Prominent Generations on the Rise!


The Seven Prominent Generations refers to God’s title, “The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, and the God of Jacob”

“...My name forever...My memorial to all generations.’” Exodus 3:15

“...God is not the God of the dead, but of the living.” Matthew 22:23


The picture that emerges is of a family line, with YOU as the center.



G-Grandparents Grandparents Parents Children Grandchildren G-Grandchildren


Behind YOU are three generations that include your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. In front of YOU are three generations that include your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. But you don’t turn your backs on your kupuna or elder generation that is why this picture is of a family line.


In this simple explanation, the center YOU is the head of the generations and as YOU extend your arms to the left, picture your parents on your shoulders, your grandparents on your elbow and your great-grandparents in your hand. This is the past or the setting generation.


The same holds for your right arm extended, your children sit on your shoulders, your grandchildren on your elbow and your great-grandchildren in your hand. This is the future or the rising generation.


Your purpose as the head of the generations and the crucial place you play in this family line is not only to the rising generation, but also to the setting one as well. YOU will determine if all seven generations will rise or fall by the choices in life you make. Because YOU never make decisions that serve your purposes only – the destiny of seven generations will rise or fall with YOU!

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